About  LunchBoxGift


The LunchBoxGift initiative was born out of the Ebola epidemic in the Western part of Africa. Our story starts in Sierra Leone where the lives of so many were turned upside down as the virus spread across the country.

In September 2014, in an effort to control the infection rate, the whole country was 'locked down' and people were not allowed to leave their homes for three days. For those who live by the day, this was going to be a serious challenge.

To help the Government of Sierra Leone address this issue, a small team of volunteers in the UK and Sierra Leone quickly came together and Lunchboxgift was born!

In partnership with two NGOs based in Sierra Leone (Campaign for Good Governance and YACAN) , and with the permission of the Government, Lunchboxgift provided 2,600 hot meals to seven vulnerable communities in the capital city, Freetown. We built on the successes of this 'kick off' project and went on to provide some 50,000 hot meals to hospitalised patients and frontline healthcare workers in the largest Ebola treatment centres. Hospital feeding was particularly necessary because the isolation of Ebola patients meant that their families could not get food to them in the usual way; it was also important to ensure that the national heroes and heroines working tirelessly in the Ebola frontline, received at least one freshly prepared meal while on duty.




LunchBoxGift has now shifted its focus to the plight of vulnerable children in Sierra Leone, including those orphaned by Ebola. We are investing in the next generation of Sierra Leoneans with a strong focus on nutrition, food security, general well-being and education. 

In 2016 we started our first farming project in Boisana village in Sierra Leone, creating opportunities for employment, self sufficiency and financial independence for the local community. Produce from the farm is used in our kitchens and surpluses are sold in the local market.


We are partnering with food related businesses to help alleviate food poverty in inner cities. We provide support to food banks and also serve freshly cooked lunches to homeless and vulnerable people. We are also helping food producers and suppliers to improve their GREEN CREDENTIALS by encouraging them to donate short-coded food surpluses to us, as a way of cutting down on food waste.

LunchBoxGift is committed to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal No.2 which seeks to achieve "ZERO HUNGER BY 2030". 

"End hunger, achieve food security & improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture."

UN SDGs Goal No2